Stay in a private, traditional machiya townhouse in the historic castle town of Gujo Hachiman.

Gujo-Hachiman Machiya Stay minimally restores vacant machiya, converting them into rustic yet comfortable accommodations. What they lack in features found in a luxury hotel, they make up for in authenticity, offering a unique opportunity to experience the everyday charm of traditional Japan. Sit down to a continental breakfast in a local cafe, enjoy the regional, seasonal cuisine served in the town’s many restaurants, or walk to a nearby supermarket and prepare your own meals in the comfort of your home away from home. Immerse yourself in the relaxed rhythm of this easy-going town, and experience the same traditions, culture and lifestyle as the townspeople.

Under the Protective Gaze of Hachiman Castle

Gujo Hachiman lies at the confluence of three fast-flowing rivers, and is famous for the purity and quality of its water. These rivers form a natural moat and were an important factor in the choosing of this site for the construction of Hachiman Castle - perched high on Mt. Shiroyama - during the turbulent Warring States Period. An intricate network of waterways was constructed over 400 years ago to supply each household for daily use, and to prevent fires. These stone waterworks are still in use today, and the comforting sound of flowing water is never far off. The town has happily managed to resist modernization, and its original layout of bridges, narrow streets, and quaint machiya townhouses remains largely unchanged.

An Attractive Town and People

The people of Gujo Hachiman are proud of their cultural heritage, and strive to preserve their
traditions, customs, crafts, and architecture. We welcome you to visit and experience for yourself our friendly hospitality, the charming townscape, surrounding nature, and delicious water that sprouts from springs throughout the town.

Our Mission

Gujo Hachiman Sangyo Shinko is a combined private-public corporation that operates tourism-related facilities for the purpose of promoting tourism in Gujo Hachiman. Due to a steady decline in the rural population, many areas of Japan are experiencing a surplus of vacant homes. In Gujo Hachiman, the number of vacant machiya has been rising rapidly in recent years. These historically significant buildings are in danger of falling into disrepair and eventual collapse, if they cannot be maintained and given a new use.

This would in turn greatly diminish the charm and appearance of the townscape, which many visitors find so attractive. In addition to restoring these beautiful handmade house, many of which are over a hundred years old, we would like to offer travelers a unique alternative to a hotel.

Experience Gujo Hachiman as a Local

Gujo Hachiman Sangyo Shinko will continue to renovate vacant machiya in an effort to make Gujo Hachiman even more attractive to visitors, and we invite you to participate in our project.

English speaking local guide for 1.walking tour 2.Gujo-odori dance experience

Not only could you enjoy a more authentic experience of traditional Japan, but you could also contribute to the community by supporting our efforts to restore and maintain these important buildings.