JINICHI / Machiya (Town Houses) Stay

This waterside inn will give you a sense of why Gujo Hachiman is known as the City of Water.

The historic row houses of Yanagi-machi line narrow alleyways, typical of a castle town. We have renovated one of these fine houses. Here you can escape the bustle of the town and hear the pleasant sound of water from the waterway that flows just past its facade. The nearby Shimizu Nagaya, which is a private accommodation comprised of two buildings, is also an option.

Samurai Uramachi

This area, once known as Samurai Uramachi, was destroyed during the great fire of the Taisho era;but until then had been a samurai neighborhood lined with residences of former Gujo clans.It is an area where the urban planning of the times can be easily grasped, and the significance of people’s interaction with the waterways can be keenly felt. Walking these alleys alone may give the illusion that you have slipped back in time to the Edo period. This is a place where the passage of time is slow, and where you may wish to linger.

Accommodation Charge

Normal Rates

Basic Fee: 23,000 yen per night(including tax, for up to 4 persons)

Gujo Odori Period

Basic Fee: 33,000 yen per night (including tax, and for until 4 persons)

*From mid-July (first day of Gujo Odori) to the beginning of September (last day of Gujo Odori). 
*For details of the Odori Period, see the Gujo Hachiman Tourism Association.
*A part of the accommodation fee will be donated to the operation of Gujo Odori. For Booking


Address 193-3 Yanagimachi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Pref.
Capacity 4 persons
House Layout 3 Japanese-style Rooms [6-tatami-mat room (about 9.95 square meters), 2 4.5-tatami-mat rooms (about 7.44 square meters), living room (Western-style room), bathroom, toilet, kitchen) 
Facilities and Amenities 4 sets of Futon (Japanese-style mattresses and quilts) 
1 air‐conditioner (Only the living room has an air-conditioner.) IH cooking heater, refrigerator‐freezer, microwave oven, electric kettle, cooking utensils such as pots and pans, tableware, dishwasher detergent, sponge, washing machine, hair dryer, shampoo, body soap, bath towel, hand towels, toothpaste, shaver, sets of cosmetic cotton and scrunchy
Parking Please use the paid parking lot in the city center.
It is convenient to use the nearest "Yawata Community Center and Expo Hall Shared Parking Lot".
House Layout
House Layout


193-3 Yanagimachi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Pref.